Corporate Enquiries

Corporate events

Want to treat everyone at your corporate event? Got an away-day coming up and need to delight the whole team? We’d love to create bundles made-to-order, whatever your needs. Bundles can each have a special touch, or all bundles in the order can be the same – we'll meet your needs and exceed the recipients' expectations.

Tell us what your company or event is all about, and your budget, and we’ll design a visually stunning and useful bundle to make everyone remember your brand and the day.

Corporate Gifting

Saying thank you to clients, partners, colleagues, and collaborators has never been more beautiful - and easy. Chat with us about options for long-term partnerships for your...

  • Employee recognition scheme
  • Client gifting
  • Corporate thank-you's

We can provide a continuously changing roster of suppliers so your recipients will receive unique combinations of contents each time. Your business can show their care and appreciation to those involved in its success. Support local businesses and give wonderful, handcrafted gifts that mean more than vouchers or flowers.

We deliver anywhere in Australia – place your order and we will have your corporate gift delivered by Australia Post within 1-3 days.

Fill out our contact form, we’ll get back to you to go through everything you need.

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